Many Years of experiences the company managers in Implementation of various projects and cooperation with international companies led us to integrate this experiences by registering Omeco Doha in the form of a completely private company, that uses capabilities and experiences of its managers in the international arena, especially for developed and even developing countries. The company has the ability to implement projects as well as provide financial resources by having reliable financial credible.

About Us


Omeco Doha is a Qatari company. Omeco Doha has a large network of partners in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. The company is also a general contractor and cooperates with large international companies in its field of activities. With access to financial resources in Qatar, Europe and other parts of the world, Omeco Doha has expanded its business in the form of contracts including EPCF, EPC + F, B.O.T, B.O.O and etc.

Our Activities


Dam and Power plant

Roads, Bridges & Tunnels

Metro and Railways

Oil & Gas infrastructures

Solar & Wind and Other Green Energy Technology

Industry and Mining

Hotels, Hospitals, Towers, Mass building and Skyscrapers

Marine Structures

Water supply, Pump station and Transmision lines

Irrigation, Drainage and Sewage networks

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Investment and Financing

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Our Projects


Some parts of the below projects have been designed and implemented by the managers and shareholders of the company before registration:



Omeco Doha is a general and main contractor and with having financial resources in Qatar, Europe and other parts of the world, in its fields of activity it has the ability to invest or finance in the various projects in the format contracts such as EPCF, EPC+ F, B.O.T, B.O.O, etc.

Ongoing Projects

Completed Project

Active Customers